The Designmeile turns eight and not only aged over the years, but also became more popular and bigger. The originally planned location along the Kantstraße with stilwerk Berlin as the central center is no longer sufficient. Visitors from all over the globe with an art and design affinity flock to the capital and are now bursting the frame around the “Destination for Design” that marked the start of the first Designmeile.

For the first time in 2018, there will be a BERLIN DESIGN WEEK in Berlin. Now for seven days, the city becomes a living venue for innovative design in all its varieties. The grand opening will take place on September 20th, 2018 at 6:30 pm traditionally in the stilwerk in the Kantstraße. In the following days, there will be plenty of exciting design workshops, art exhibitions and lectures for the international public in the capital until September 27, 2018.

With the new format of the BERLIN DESIGN WEEK it is finally possible to experience the whole diversity of the international design industries in one week more intensively than ever before.

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